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Computers have many wonderful uses, designed to make our lives so much easier and more automated. Everything from online grocery shopping to video calling your mate 10,000 miles away in Australia can be done with the click of a button and the nudge of a mouse - truly, computers are magical and majestic machines. And yet, despite all of this progress and development, there remains a white elephant in the room. A cloud on the horizon. An ugly scar in our society. And its name? Online car insurance. Yes, shopping for car insurance online remains one of the most soul-destroying, time-consuming processes that humankind has ever experienced.

The problem comes from the fact that, in a nutshell, the mechanism by which insurers want you to purchase car insurance online is the very antithesis to the internet and to computer technology more generally. There is no innovation, no automagic way that you can simply plonk in your name and car registration and get a quote. Oh no, that would be far too simple - when it comes to this happy event, you must labour away yourself, harking back to the days when cavemen had to use their own mental faculties to get something done. So, you must trawl through screen after screen of utter tosh - more personal questions than the Spanish Inquisition, more vehicular detail than Jeremy Clarkson's wet dreams, and more intrusion into your criminal history (or lack thereof) that you feel like a social deviant protesting their innocence in front of a faceless judge.

Yes, buying car insurance online is a process that takes so long, you will need to book a day off work, close your curtains to any form of human interaction, and prepare yourself for a long, long, long walk to freedom. And the best bit? After all of this slaving and cursing, you have to pay for the very privilege! Yes, the insurers will soon come back with a quote that has so many add-ons and mandatory excess charges that you may as well remortgage your beloved home to pay for it. What's more, you also know that should the worst happen and you are involved in an accident, next year's insurance premium will be so high it will make Greece's total debt look like pocket change; God bless the car insurance industry.

You know what - I'm just going to walk.

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