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What is the Best Way to Insure a Brand New Car?

Some vehicles are more expensive than others to insure. The greater the car’s horsepower, then the higher the premiums. If you are young, and buying a powerful car, then it’s possible you may not get any cover, insurers may deem the risk to high, even if you have not made any previous claims. Therefore, getting a quote before signing for the car is definitely a good idea. Of course, this was not a problem in my day, as even the hot hatch of those days, barely reached 60 miles an hour at all, never mind within 10 seconds!

If you do get an insurance quote before you buy a new car, this may help you prepare for what may be a significant cost. The cars make and model will affect the insurance rate, and if a model has a high record of theft, consequently your premium will be higher. You will have to have your insurance in place before you drive away with the new car, therefore some insurers will provide cover under your existing policy. If your new car has all the safety features available, such as airbags, automatic seatbelts, and anti-lock brakes for example, then make sure you notify your insurance company, as they may help you qualify for discounts.

Check if the dealer has a special arrangement with an insurance company. Some insurers will offer very low premiums to buyers of new vehicles in the expectation that a reasonable percentage will stay with them after that first policy expires. Alternatively the dealer may be prepared to offer cut price or even free cover for the first year as an inducement for you to buy from them. If they don't offer it, there's no charge for asking for it!

Some insurers have a threshold over which a car must have fully comprehensive insurance. As buying a car is probably the second largest purchase we make, after a house, then buying the most comprehensive cover you can afford is the sensible option. If you’ve bought the car on finance, and are unfortunate enough to have an accident, without fully comprehensive insurance you could be seriously out of pocket. Unless you are supported by that well know bank of mum and dad, then use a comparison site to get the best deal you possibly can.

There are a number of things you can do to reduce your insurance premiums, having an older person as a named driver on the policy, having more than one car under the same cover, keeping the car garaged over night. These things will all help to bring down the cost of the policy.

Whether your new vehicle is the latest top of the range super car, or the smallest city car, it’s probably going to be your pride and joy. Therefore comprehensive car insurance is going to be a good investment.

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