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Family Car Insurance - Do I Really Have to Drive a Boring, Grey Car to Get a Cheap Price?

Don’t despair! You don’t have to drive a boring car, travel less distance than you walk, or have never had an accident, to get a value for money insurance quote. If you’ve considered wearing a balaclava because you’re driving a car your dad wouldn’t be seen dead in, then there are a number of things you can do to reduce your insurance premium.

Firstly, if you have a garage make sure you put the car away at night. Insurers know this is far more secure than parking on the roadside, yes I know nobody does it anymore, but it will save you money.

Make sure your mileage is correct; you may be insured for a lot more miles than you are driving. With the cost of fuel these days we are all walking more, or perhaps we just can’t afford to go out anymore! Keep to the speed limit; it saves you fuel, and penalty points will put your premiums up. If you’ve passed the advanced driving test, this could qualify you for a discount.

Most cars already have an alarm or engine immobiliser fitted these days. If yours hasn’t, then getting one can reduce your premium by up to 8 percent. If your household has more than one car then combining them on the same policy may earn you a discount. This could save you a lot more if your other half pays the entire premium!

Never, automatically renew your policy without checking a comparison site. There’s a lot of competition out there, approximately 100 insurance providers. Therefore, companies will try very hard to undercut your existing insurer to get your business. Simply buying online can save you up to 20 percent.

Being under thirty and single, means you are in the higher risk bracket. If you’re married, the risk is apparently less. Not the best reason to enter into matrimony, but if it means the difference between an Astra and a Porsche, maybe you should seriously consider it! If a wedding is a step to far, and you’re under 25 years old, adding a more experienced driver to your policy could reduce the premium.

Some insurers are now offering reduced premiums for drivers that have a “black box” installed in their car. The box monitors your driving style through a GPS system; consequently safe drivers are offered lower premiums. If you’re confident that you’re a safe driver, this could save you a significant amount, especially if you’re in a high risk category, such as young and inexperienced drivers.

If all this fails, Astra’s aren’t that bad a choice are they? Anyway, there’s always go faster stripes!

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