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Is Motor Insurance Still Possible with a Drink-Driving Conviction?

Yes, it is still possible, but it is also true that many insurance companies will refuse to cover a driver with this conviction. Not all insurance companies take this attitude, however, probably because statistics say that drink-drivers rarely re-offend; only about 12% are convicted a second time within 10 years. As with any other situation, however, it will pay to shop around - use the comparison websites, call the same companies (they often give different prices over the phone) and, of course, call the ones that don't allow themselves to appear in the comparison website listings.

Here are a couple of specific tips to help in getting insurance with a drink-driving conviction.

1 - Ensure that the Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course is successfully completed if the court requires it (only those referred to do so are able to take it). With this course successfully completed, convicted drivers can not only apply to get their disqualification term reduced by up to 25%, but will also improve their chances of reducing future premiums with many insurance companies. Please note that to 'successfully complete' this course, the requirements are that the person must pay the full fee in advance, attend (and participate in) all the sessions and be stone cold sober throughout!

2 - There are insurance companies that specialise in insuring people with convictions and they may well offer a lower premium than the standard companies.

As well as these, the following more general tips will help to keep premiums down:

- Buy online – it is often cheaper and there can be discounts for doing so
- Raise the voluntary excess (the amount of each claim the driver pays up front, before the policy pays the rest) – the higher the excess, the lower the premium
- Limit the drivers – keep the policy to covering only named drivers, not 'allow anyone to drive, with permission'
- Keep the annual mileage down – the less time you are driving, the lower the chances of having an accident
- Add security measures – older cars can have lower premiums if a suitable security system is fitted
- Keep the car secure – put it in a garage or at least on a driveway when not in use
- Add a responsible driver – adding a person with a clean record as a named driver could help to keep premiums down
- Become a named driver - if the other driver will actually drive more often, make them the main driver
- Get a lower-rated car – if the car hasn't been obtained yet, consider getting one with a low insurance group rating for the first few years after a ban, until the driving record has improved again. Also, look at the engine size, speed and ease of repair of the proposed car – it may be a bit boring, but driving a smaller, slower, tougher car will definitely reduce the cost of insuring it!


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