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Insuring a classic car is not at all like insuring your family Audi, Vauxhall, Mercedes or whatever. That is because classic cars are different, just as a Toyota Yaris is different from a Willys Jeep! It may be a very valuable vehicle, possibly many times the value it held when new; you may use it as an occasional wedding car, show it off at rallies, perhaps even the odd time trial. Built from 100% standard parts is it? If so it's a rare beast, many classic vehicles are only kept on the road because the owner is a dab hand with a lathe. It may be fairly immune from being stolen – it can be a little bit difficult to get away unnoticed after pinching a car that every pedestrian stops to stare at, and every motorist paps a horn at; but vandals and souvenir hunters can soon break even the flintiest heart. Despite all this insurance can often cost less than a standard vehicle; classic owners tend to be very proud of their vehicles and keep them well maintained, they are hardly likely to race them down the motorway at 3 AM after riotous night on the town and their mileages tend to be somewhat on the low side to say the least.

Finding the right cover is definitely a job for a specialist. You may want to insure an ex-military vehicle, a 1960s favourite, even an old tractor. You may want to lay it up for most of the year or you may wish to drive it all over the country to car shows, racking up a huge mileage. Whilst you are statistically far less likely to have an accident than the average motorist in a modern runabout even a fairly minor bump can prove horrendously expensive when the last spares disappeared of the shelves several decades ago.

Not to worry, these specialists do exist; click the button above, give them a few details of what you are looking for and they will dig out some competitive quotes for you.

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