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The Advantages of Cheap Car Insurance

No one said living the life of a full-time spy was easy and James Bond can certainly attest to some of the trials and tribulations that he has faced over the years. Whether fighting villains atop the Golden Gate Bridge or playing a high-stakes hand of poker with a rather unsavoury and psychopathic opponent, a certain amount of stress comes with this job description. However, our famed British spy also gets to enjoy the finer things in life. Impeccable clothing, high-tech gadgetry and a choice of beautiful (if not dangerous) women are a few of the perks to be expected. Nonetheless, all of these amenities tend to cost a great deal of money (not to mention the expensive cars he drives). Thankfully, 007 was smart enough to purchase a cheap car insurance policy that affords him the ability to live more like a king than a spy.

This is not to say that finding such a package was easy. Indeed, there were many insurers that were nervous regarding the types of vehicles covered and the purpose of the coverage. The fact that they were used in a commercial capacity didn't help, for insurers tend to demand higher rates should a vehicle be used for business purposes even though government-sponsored cars normally receive preferential rates. Still, Mr. Bond's potential insurers had to discover ways to lower premiums even more if they were to get the business but even with the installation of several rather robust, exotic anti-theft devices, most providers still looked a bit sniffy about offering decent rates.

The true breakthrough came when our spy was taught how to utilise the power of the internet over several lengthy training sessions. He soon discovered that he was able to compare and contrast different providers, rates and the type of cover offered with a simple online search. To Mr. Bond's surprise, he learned that the charges he had been paying were a lot higher than the premiums that several other competitors were offering. So, after a decidedly tense, convincing conversation with his insurer, his premiums were significantly lowered. He also chose to pay a full year's cover in advance as the result of a recent windfall in a round of roulette. This saved an additional five percent per year. The end result was that he was able to afford more frequent jaunts across the globe.

Of course, such things are hardly publicised. Mr. Bond prefers to keep these methods under wraps, as image is indeed important in his line of work. Still, one does not have to boast the skills of an expert in espionage to obtain the best quotes on a car insurance policy. There are numerous providers in this competitive industry that can dramatically lower monthly premiums. This will enable even an average person to afford an expensive martini or two. Only remember, leave the keys with a friend and request the drink shaken, not stirred.

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