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Why should we women have cheap car insurance? Simple. Statistically we are much better drivers than men. Conversely, we are also better liars, so when we took the survey that asked us questions about our skills behind the wheel, we probably made up the answers. This not only makes us geniuses, but more importantly means that in many cases we qualify for cheaper car insurance because we're less likely to cause accidents by bad driving, or from ogling attractive women walking down the street in low cut tops.

Let us now take a look at the reasons why it's good for women to have cheaper car insurance:

1.) In the last seventeen years the number of women on Britain's roads has risen by twenty three percent, whilst the number of men gaining their driving licences only rose by nine percent. This shows that men are starting to realise they are rubbish drivers and are therefore not bothering to take it up.

2.) The types of accidents that men and women have are largely different. For instance, women are more likely to hit a stationary vehicle than a man is, but men are more likely to accidentally hit an animal with their car. This is because the man looks at the target and thinks "DINNER" while a woman might look at it, slam on the brakes quickly and exclaim: "OMG LOOK AT THE FLUFFY!".

3.) Women, on the whole drive more slowly, carefully and considerately than men. This is because they plan their journeys properly, are not afraid to look at maps, use a sat-nav or ask someone if they are lost. Therefore, they arrive at their destination looking fresh and ready to face whatever is in front of them - usually a sweating, angry bunch of men ripping up their atlases and stamping on their Tom-Toms (not a euphemism).

4.) When women do claim, they actually tend to cost insurers much less than men do. On average, it is reckoned that women's claims may cost around £300 less than their male counterparts. That's an awful lot of money saved by insurers - which means they can pass the savings on to the female customer and make sure they get cheaper cover. With the money saved on insurance, there's easily going to be enough left over to buy the latest model. Just think, a high quality trim, a soft, plush interior with perfectly worked gold fittings...that new Radley handbag is going to look SO GOOD on the passenger seat of the car next time you're driving into town...

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