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Why are we picked on so much?

We men, on average, have more accidents than women! Sorry, guys, but it is a fact, a fact borne out by every car insurance company in business today. This is not to say that all men drive badly all the time. However, in a study conducted between 2000 and 2009 it was found that male drivers in the UK were involved in 18 million more accidents than their female counterparts - two million more per year.

In studying the actual incidents, it was found that men tended to drive faster and more recklessly than women, which resulted in accidents involving a male driver being, on average, more serious than those suffered by female drivers. Men also tend to drive more while under the influence of drink, garnering a much higher percentage of drink-driving penalties than women.

Of course, it is unfair to slap a 'dangerous driver' label on all male drivers equally, so let us break it down a bit more. Young male drivers, aged between 17 and 25, are responsible for one quarter of all road accidents. This is a combination of male bravado and ego, and lack of experience which can lead a young driver to take unnecessary risks on the road, with sometimes tragic consequences.

After the age of twenty-five the disparity in insurance costs begins to close, although even a very good male driver will possibly never be offered the same rates as an equally careful female driver. Men are hard-wired for battle and confrontation, a state-of-mind that served our caveman ancestors very well when it was time to go hunting in order to feed the family, or even when defending his territory from other, nomadic, peoples.

However, this aggression and willingness to compete does not translate well on the road, manifesting itself in the guise of impolite manoeuvres such as cutting off other drivers, seizing the chance to squeeze into tight gaps and driving as though in the middle of a race. It is these behaviours that lead young male drivers to take chances with their lives – and those of other road users – and can result in accidents occurring.

Insurers have found that men tend to settle down more after the age of twenty-five, perhaps as they mature and gain greater experience on the road. Married men, too, have a better track record with driving, and this is reflected in most premiums for car insurance.

Female brains are wired to protect and nurture, and this means that female drivers think of everyone using the road, rather than being single-mindedly focussed on getting to their destination as quickly as possible, and woe betide anyone who interferes with that journey!

However, it has been noticed that in recent years, women drivers are beginning to show signs of more aggressive driving. This will, in time, have the effect of evening out insurance rates more equally between the sexes. However, if – as seems likely – this comes at a cost of even more accidents, these ones caused by aggressive female drivers, then it hardly seems to be a positive result.

So, if you are a young man aged between seventeen and twenty-five and, as yet, unmarried, then you are most likely to be paying the highest car insurance premiums around. The good news is that after your twenty-fifth birthday, assuming you manage to avoid any collisions and bumps, your premiums will start to come down. Getting married will serve to reduce the cost even further, although it must be said that lower car insurance rates should never be the sole reason for a wedding…

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